We remember the history of our world well and we remember a lot of what humanity has experienced to this day! Many powers revived from the ashes from defeat like a yellow-hot phoenix. One of these was the state of the Germans - the German Empire. We have always remembered the Germans, especially after the mid-40s, as defeated and humiliated hard workers who are building their dream again. But a sword that is closed in the expanses clearly fenced by other strong powers. About our Reich is completely different. Here people's dreams are based on a good and decent life. Our ideology is national democracy! We are not Nazis, we are the ones who will build friendship between other powers and be the best on our side, it is we who, by the perseverance of our people, will build a world in which everyone will be proud of themselves and their loved ones. Our commanders, our people, our leaders, all of them are building a power of the future that will shine brightly like the sun for the whole world. We will have wars only on maps and in alternative or historical books, games. But not our land and not on the lands of other powers. Now everyone is his own master. And anyone who wants power over everyone, taking away the right to free life of other people, will see our anger and will be driven away from our world.We, the heirs of the great powers, will demonstrate our talents in the vastness of our alternative state of the Last Reich!

Glory to the world! Glory to human freedom! Glory to our people! Glory to the Reich!